Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Who is Ruth Chase?

Ruth Chase, A.K.A. Ruth Shadle, Ruthie Tintary, Ruth Zimmer born in 1912, in Rockford, Illinois. Father and Mother deceased, younger brother Pete, believed to be deceased. Raised on a farm until 16, she then moves to the city and begins to read meticulously at the Chicago library and wait tables for money. She meets Adolf Zimmer while waiting on him when she is eighteen. He becomes a regular customer at her establishment for the next two years. One evening Ruth is reading at the library, on her way home she runs into Adolf and is invited to a Chicago Cubs baseball game.

She attends the game and the courtship of Ruth begins. Six months later, the Zim proposes to her and she accepts. The night before the wedding, a blind women approaches her with information she could never have been prepared for. The blind women, Ava, informs her that she is about to marry the most evil man ever created. That if she does marry him, she will have seven evil children, and two more two follow, the eighth baby will be of utmost importance, and the ninth from a different husband. If she does not marry him and have his children the world will ultimately be destroyed. If she runs away, she must hide forever, never to be found.

The blind woman tells her she will be safe if she stays and takes on the burden of monitoring the most evil family ever. Not believing the woman, and in love with Adolf, she humors the old blind women and accepts the ultimatum, though not really believing. Ruth is not able to shake the meeting with the woman and subsequently always has the thought in the back of her head of the day they met. She marries Adolf and soon finds the disturbing truth.

Ruth realizes to late; not that she would have done it any differently, that potentially Adolf is the evilest man on the Planet. She keeps her mouth shut and secretly observes all his actions. The night before the conception of her first child the blind woman that sees everything arrives again, and foretells her of her first child, the communication begins, and Ruth becomes the informant on the inside the House of Zimmer.

During the birth of every child, Ruth is able to see into the future and see what will become of each young. Her visions are so vivid she is able to put together plans to defeat each child. Unable to enact the plans herself because of her motherly love, she is still able to create the means to their ends, just in case it comes to that. Due to the all seeing power of Adolf, his organization, and the children, she is only able to conceive the plan in puzzle like pieces in a hope that one day, if necessary the right person would be able decipher the clues and put it together.

On the night of conception of the eighth baby, Ruth is again visited by Ava, who warns of the potential dangers of the eight child. That it would either become the worst of the group or the one that would lead to the fall of the family. After the birth of the eight child, Ruth disappears by staging her own death, fooling the Zimmers and Ava.

Years pass, Ruth remarries and has a one more child, Jo a feisty little girl with no blood ties to the Zimmers. Her hope that the eighth child would be the avenger is forgotten as she begins to believe he will follow in his unknown father's footsteps. The eighth baby, or Jonathon Pace, marries early, and on the night before the conception of his first child he is approached by Ava, who tells him everything about his lineage and that he could be evil, and that his son will most assuredly follow down his path. He goes on with his relationship and has a son David Chase, two years later after a disturbing encounter with an entity he cannot describe, Jonathon tells his wife Jennifer about what he knows. She subsequently leaves, she is also pregnant unknownst to either at the time.

As the years pass, Ruth begins to believe David the one to bring retribution to the family and potentially his own Father. Jonathon becomes savvy to her intentions and believes that she is trying to turn David against him. Ruth begins to train David unkownst to him, to figure out the puzzles she has left to bring down the Zimmers.

Grandma Ruth Chase Characteristics: Able to see into future events, but not on command, photographic memory, giving her the ability to recount everything from the visions. Paranoid, always looking out windows and in everybodies business, plays out like she is a nosey old person with to much time on her hands but in reality, she is always afraid that Adolf, or the children will find her. In her older age, she is overconfident in her assessment of situations and at times makes hasty judgements more predicated on feelings than solid information. Keeps secrets and hides things, has developed the attitude of playing games with everything, she is a trickster, and very comfortable in major acts of deception, she is close to a hundred but is remarkably fit and aware for her age, there is a reason but that has not been identified yet. Her life has been filled with difficult decisions and is not afraid to make the tough choice.

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Cool cool story but I guess I will have to re read it. Is their a moral of a story to it? What happends to the Zimmer children, who is Gradma Ruth really? And where did this come from? I wish their was more to read. ;(