Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rude, Maybe... Yes!

I don't like to complain, but some times I take things a little too personally. And really, I am not trying to call anyone out, but this constantly irks me to no extent. I had gotten a present for this particular person a couple of years back. It had just come out and was super expensive, you know, how brand new technology is always over priced as soon as it comes out. I was very excited, it cost 600 bones, so to me it was a lot of money. I saved for like six months to get it. Even after the six hundred it was not the top of the line, it had less memory than the bad boy version, but I expected the receiver of this gift would probably not go through the memory(to this day he has not).

So, I gave it to him and he was really excited, he could do things he had never done before, and would show anybody who would sit down and let him show them, what it could do. Anytime said person has had one of these gifts in the past, he would complain about the same problems, no reception, couldn't do things with it when he wanted and so on. So initially, the first compliant was how I cheesed him out with the cheaper model, the 600 dollar cheaper model, that really just had less memory, which as stated before, he has still not used up. First of all, who does that? Who complains about a super expensive gift to the person that got it for you. Okay, I get it, but don't complain to the person who got it for you, that's just dumb and rude.

The next compliant came with the texting ability, he no likey the touch screen, goes off in his pocket, maybe he should lock the keyboard. "It always fucking goes off in my pocket! This thing sucks!" my phone goes off in my pocket and I don't have a touch screen. Again, I understand the compliant, just not to the person that got it for you, it's like complaining about your Ferrari, to a guy with a Pinto, and the guy with the Pinto, bought you the Ferrari, WHAT!?. Who does that? The complaints about the gift are the same complaints he has had about every other previous version of the gift, except this one is awesome, and I got it for him.

Finally, the veracity at which this dude screams about what a piece of shit his phone is down right rude and offensive. Really, who does that? I don't understand for one second why somebody would do that. Every other day, what a piece of shit, his 600 dollar gift is, it doesn't get reception, blah, blah, blah. It's the best one you can own, everybody has trouble with reception sometimes, hell, I don't get reception in my apartment. All this and he tried to get me the same gift, when I just bought myself a new one that I love. What? Really!? I know the whole post is confusing, but I am sure you have put the pieces together, that's the fun right.

Really nothing good about this one, I even feel a little foolish writing it, but it was on my mind, because for the umpteenth time yesterday, I heard what a piece of shit, the gift that he uses everyday for the last two years is.


tbone said...

Really, Seth? Really.

lakergirl77 said...

you totally have it putting the lakers up there with family...nice play.. GO LAKERS! SPreaD the LOVE!

...love Maegan said...

now I forgot what I was going to say because Timmy made me laugh. oooh!

{in the best Ted whine you can think of}