Friday, January 16, 2009

In Deep Love; And Great Appreciation

You really never get around to letting the people you know that you care. It really has become a lost art form that is greatly needed in this day and age, but more than not, most people tend to let you know what you are not doing right as opposed to what they are. Not today, today I will let them know that they are great. This is in appreciation of my coworkers/employees/friends that I am privileged enough to be around 5 days a week.

To Natalie, my right hand man/lady at work. Thanks for keeping all together and handling the things you know I am not going to do. You always are around when the shit hits the fan and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that. You take a lot of stress away from me and are always ready to play the bad cop. So, thank you, this job would be a tremendously more tedious without you.

To T-Bone, who is the disher of the Sauce. The patients love you and so do I. I never worry when you are on the job. I know you are thinking about what's best for the store all the time. I can trust you with everything that I have and to find a person like that is a very lucky thing. You do your job as good as can be done. Thank you Bone, for making me feel secure.

Big Barry, always playing by the book and making sure the boat is always on course. Without your particular skill set, we would be like a ship with no Rutter, just floating along, no sense of direction and full of leaks the crew could not fix. I know the place is safe when you are there and I always know protection is your first priority. Thanks Barry, for being the bear in the cave.

Player man, oh Player, what would we do without you. Well to start we would have nobody to blame if something went wrong, you take the brunt of it and handle it with grace my friend. You are the creative spirit of the team, and forever making sure my little world is organized to the best of your ability. Thank you player, for handling the things only you can handle.

Lil' John, who used to be big John and then lost himself. You are a hard worker, you are always finding ways to help out and improve things with out me asking. You are stand up dude, in a world of wilting daisies (what!?). You are a great employee and turning out to be a great friend. Thank you John, for being persistent and protecting my shit, with everything in your ability.

The Big Man, as for guys I answer to, you are all right in my book. You try as hard as you can to get me what I need, and always have my back. You have adapted to new roles and give invaluable advice. None of it happens with out you. It's always great to know that when you are walking that high wire there is a net to catch me if I fall. Thanks for being my net.

Denise, you are the new kid on the block, and I appreciate your enthusiasm and the new energy you bring to the system. Your people skills are great and I know that you help a lot of people out. Keep up the good work. Thank you for doing a great job and following directions to a T.

Stretch, my newest ass kicker, what can I say about you, you are doing a fantastic job. You are always on time, always on top of the little things, great with the patients. Your skills are really utilized well in our environment and you are getting better by the day. Thanks for doing the things I would have to ask other people to do. Thank you for being my Gasol big man.

Kat, my momma, you got my back, you are a true soldier. Never worried about you, I know you got it all on lock down, I know you are always my eyes when I am not around. We are very lucky to have such a down person involved in our little group. Why would we ever need a Pit Bull when we got you. Thank you Kat, for making sure everyone stays in line when I am not around.

I would feel foolish if I did not thank one more person, just because I feel like she is the one who I appreciate most and If I am writing about thanking people, she has to be on the list every single time. Thank you my beautiful Wife, for just putting up with me, for supporting me, even when at times it slips my attention. Thanks for believing in me when few do and thanks for seeing my side of it, as skewed as it is most of the time. I would not be the man I am today without you. You are the most important piece of my puzzle, thanks for putting it together for me. I love you with all my heart, you are my best friend. Thank you for being there.

That's all folks!


rebecca said...

very sweet

tbone said...

Thanks, brother. Maegan said...

Oh baby, I love you so much!

~alison said...

I love it! Nice post, Pep!

drollgirl said...

that is so nice of you. i think those in your life are so lucky to have you!!!