Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Exchange

It was the end of a long day for M, she was already at her boiling point and her task at hand seemed as daunting as anything she could imagine. She reminded herself that this would only take a second and then she could be home, with her family. The late model Mercedes Coupe convertible slowly rolled into a parking spot. M's long blond hair covered most of her face, and her large sunglasses acting as a mask, as good as any she could wear. She observed her surroundings taking everything in, slowly, formulating escapes, just in case. Her gloved hands reach into her purse, calculatingly rummaging, carefully, she pulls an envelope from her bag. Written on it a capitol P.

The neighborhood is not a place that you would find M, but that's why she is there. She steps out of the car, walks to a meter and puts change into it, she doesn't want a ticket or to grab the wrong kind of attention. She is looking for specific notice. She waits, her impatience becoming obvious as she places another Tic Tac in her mouth. She begins to feel the stares of people walking by. She wonders how much longer.

A Town car pulls in behind her vehicle and parks. It must be P, time is of the essence. The driver does not move inside the vehicle, he waits for the right moment. M, continues to pace, acting as if she has not seen the vehicle or its passenger, but she has. She holds the envelope in her hand, purposely making it obvious to see, setting her trap, weaving her web.

The driver steps out of the vehicle, his suit cheap with a haircut to match. He takes one more look around and then reaches into his inside pocket and pulls out a pack of smokes. He lights a cigarette unaware of the second silent killer in his presence. He confirms to himself that she does not know of his presence and then makes his move towards her. She can feel him approaching her, she looks into the sky as if waiting for a signal, and then, turns around to confront the man in the cheap suit.

"I didn't think you would show up" he states. "Not much of choice, didn't want to go to traffic school" she softly shoots back. They walk to the front of the Mercedes, the Cheap Suit bends down and looks at the plates. "I guess they're on" he pulls out pen. "Do you have something for me to sign" he asks. In her mind she makes a decision, she does not hand him the envelope and reaches into her purse and pulls out a wadded up ticket.

"Here", the tension in her voice is noticeable. She hands him the crumpled up piece of pain and tosses another Tic Tac into her mouth. The man signs the ticket and then pauses, "this is not the vehicle from the ticket" she already knows. "It's not?" she coyly retorts. Now the Cheap Suit begins to get suspicious, but it is already too late. "I brought this for you" the women replies and with her gloved hand reaches out to hand him the envelope with the letter P on it. "What? What are you talking about. He grabs the envelope out of her hand. "Who the hell is P!"

"Why that's you of course" M replies. The Cheap Suit clutches his throat, the poison works quickly, he falls to his knees and looks into her glasses. "What, what have you done to me?" he weeps."Nothing you and your kind have not done to me ten times worse!" She pulls aside her glasses, her cold blue eyes staring at him as he gasps his last breath. "You should think about who you ticket more carefully next time Pig!" The man's eyes widen for the last time, he understands the P on the envelope, and for half a second she has made her point. He collapses, she moves to the man and drags him into the front seat of the Mercedes and closes the door.

"Have a nice day Officer" she walks away from the vehicle and reaches into her purse for her Tic Tacs. A button pops out of the side of the container, she is not nervous anymore. She presses the button and the cars explodes, destroying everything in the vicinity. So much for anxiety.


...love Maegan said...

First of all -FABULOUS-

2. I love the Tic Tac reference!

3. Yes please to the Mercedes!

Bar-b said...

this, Mr. M, was brilliant.

Rachel said...

What a great story...found you on Maegan's blog; giving you a shout out! We do everything she says!!

Maki said...

Maegan mentioned about your blog, so I decided to stop by and say "hello" :)

I enjoyed reading this post - great story telling! Your wife rocks!

Amanda said...

A husband that writes stories that turn his adored wife into a super-hero??!!??!!

Maegan, where do I order mine??!!??!!

I have officially been convinced that you are as cool as Maegan, and now I'm doubly excited that you two have found each other.

If I were a powerful publishing person, I'd hire you.