Monday, January 5, 2009

Anthony Bourdain Cool Dude

My man crush list is not short (don't want a short short man) but being that today is the premiere of Anthony Bourdains; No Reservations show on the Travel Channel, I thought maybe, I would pay a little homage to my favorite middle aged, Chef/Writer/Adventurer/Rebel/ all around pretty cool dude, who, I would totally hang with if the opportunity ever presented itself. That was a really, really long sentence, and this is not. I am not going to give you the generic Vons brand bio that I could just copy and paste on to this page, but I will give you a bio Mr Peppers style, so enjoy, or don't.

I stumbled upon Tony about a year and a half ago while surfing through the channels on the endless list of options provided by my satellite company. At first glance, Tony is no supermodel, but he does not ever profess to be. He seems to be a man very comfortable in his own skin and that is very refreshing. As I began to watch more and more, this become more and more apparent. He will go anywhere, with anyone, at anytime and some how manage to put his best foot forward. I know it's television and that is his job, but he really has something noticeably genuine about him. You know when someone is trying to be cool so hard, and then he is not, and he is a total poser. This is not Anthony Bourdain, he is himself at all times, the good the bad and the ugly of it. He expresses himself honestly and you can tell. He is the guy not trying to be cool, that is, and it's nice to see in a world full of people who are phonies.

What little I know about him, I have picked up through the episodes I have viewed, that is not to say that there is not a litany of other information out there about him, I mean, I know there is, but again, that's not what I am going to write about. I know he is writer and a very introspective person at that. There are times in the show when he is monologuing about a place or an experience, that only a true wordsmith could come up with. His insight into his experience is revealing, and truthful, compassionate and spot on, pretty much all of the time. He also has an incredible ability to blend in, when he so obviously is the sore thumb in the crowd.

I know he is a Chef, of what restaurant I don't know, I am sure I could find out, but, it really is not relevant to the opinion I am spewing out, so you look it up. He will eat anything, and smile and be cordial while doing so. He has partied and I mean tore it up, so, I find that honest and relatable, he never seems to shy away from his past, which makes me trust his opinion even more. He is also very skinny, smokes, drinks, eats, smokes and then drinks some more. Tony doesn't seem to fear much and always is up for an adventure, his show, fun, eye opening and thought provoking. I'm sure that's exactly what Mr. Bourdain intended it to be.

The thing I like most about Anthony Bourdian is that he gets it, and so few people roaming the earth do. Again, I am probably beating a dead horse a this point, but I am always impressed by his thoughts and understanding of different cultures, his view of the world through his own rose tinted glasses and his true veracity of the moment. He is truly an enlightened individual who has gotten that way by living and enjoying life. Cheers Anthony Bourdain, you are one cool dude.

2 comments: Maegan said...

So, is it safe to say that your wife has a man crush on him too? :)

Amanda said...

So true, Pep.

...and I know what you mean about the 'trying-to-hard' variety of world-travellor. I think his name is Andrew Zimmerman, or something.