Thursday, January 8, 2009

99 boxes;1125 Izvor St, Bucharest, Romania

It had taken David and Aunt Jo two weeks to get to Bucharest, but finally they were there. The weather was cold, and a thick fog had rolled in earlier in the morning. The architecture of the Romanian capitol was everything they had imagined, old and Gothic. Everything considered, David was ready for a Vampire to pop out at any moment. It was late afternoon and the city was bustling, Aunt Jo indicated that 1125 Izvor was just around the block.

As they proceeded down the street, less and less people were seen. Strange, David thought to himself, remembering how populated and busy it had been just a block back. The two rounded the corner and there it was, 1125 Izvor, they could not believe there eyes.

A huge Gothic, cathedral loomed in front of them. The building appeared to be abandon from first glance, but upon further investigation, they realized it was a cleverly contrived disguise. Aunt Jo, clearly, wanted nothing to do with the place, but David pushes forward. He checks the address, it is 1125, no doubt about that. What in the world was his Grandmother doing here.

A huge oak door with no handle stood before them, the only thing that looked like a possibility to open the door was the oddest keypad David had ever seen. No keys and two holes, it even appeared as if the pad was attached to some sort of vertical slide track. Aunt Jo looked around, no one to be seen, no one. "We should go" Aunt Jo nervously states. David shakes his head and knocks on the door, a metallic ring echoes forever. Nothing, David knocks again, this time longer and louder.

"They won't hear you" a voice whispers, "the sleep all day". David turns around and notices a small vagrant child. "You speak English?" David moves close to the young boy. The boy's clothes are tattered but current, the outfit is very similar to what David is wearing. "Are you American?" Aunt Jo asks. "Yes" the mysterious child answers. David investigates the boy, circling him, he knows something is not right. "Where's your Mommy and Daddy?" Aunt Jo probes. The boy stares blankly at her, no answer. "What's your name, kid?" David curiously asks.

"Braylon Kings" he pauses "You should leave, please" the boy whimpers and then runs away. "WAIT! What do you know about this place?" David screams and then takes off after him. The boy darts around the back of the building, David, hot in pursuit. When he turns the corner the boy is gone. "What the frack?, Aunt Jo come over here!" David Screams, "Aunt Jo?" David goes back to the front. Aunt Jo is gone.

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tbone said...

Nice cliff hanger.