Friday, January 9, 2009

99 boxes; One Night in Bucharest

David had only one choice, he would have to hide in the bushes, wait until nightfall and observe how people entered. He knew that his Aunt Jo was in there and his Grandmother's safety deposit box as well. David had some preconceived notions on what was going to happen, so he figured he better get prepared, better safe, than Vampire bait.

Nightfall hits and David watches the door from a distance with a pair of infrared goggles he had purchased from the Sci Fi channel. It was dark, but he had a sneaking suspicion that no one was coming until 11:25. And there it was, 11:25 on the dot and he could hear movement in the distance, but could see nothing through his lenses. Peculiar he thought and then removed his goggles, clear as day a six foot man walks to the door. Why was he not registering on the camera, of course, he was a Vampire, dead and cold blooded, thermal imaging was going to be useless in this circumstance, unless of course a Vampire was looking for David.

The man reaches for the keypad and sticks two fingers underneath. A green light flashes, something on the underbelly of the pad lights up, and the man moves the pad with his hand up to the height of his mouth. I knew it, David thought to himself. The man bites the pad and it scans his teeth. After a second, the man releases his chomp and the door opens. He swiftly moves through the large door with no handle and it quickly shuts behind him. What a security system, but one David had planned for, to a T-eeth.

David starts to play around with his neck a little bit, and then, suddenly, a loud HISS! "What the heck!" David swings around and an old woman pounces at him. She pins him down and brandishes her long teeth. "You wandered into the wrong place tonight sweetie." she whispered. David defenseless prepares for the bite. She grabs his neck and digs in.


David enters a large church in the center of Bucharest. He carries in a large back pack and looks around. He is hunting for something very specific. He stands out in the church, his headphones in, he pays no attention to the worship taking place. He nonchalantly walks through the pews, into and out of confessionals until he finds what he wants. Up near the front he spies his prize, a small tub/sink holding exactly what he is looking for, blessed water. David reaches into his back pack and pulls out a thin paper mache sleeve that appears to fit around his neck. He looks around cautiously and then dumps the neck sleeve into the water. He tries to look as inconspicuous as possible but that in itself begins to look increasingly obvious. A Priest walks towards David and that is his cue to exit. He pulls the sleeve from the tub and stuffs it in his backpack. As he walks by the Priest he tries to cross his chest and runs out.


The old women stumbles back away from David grasping her mouth. "What have you done to me!?" she screams. "Easy, what were you gonna do to me lady, try to make me into the undead, sorry if I don't feel guilty." David reaches for his neck, he feels what he was hoping would happen. "NOOOO!" the old lady turns to dust, only her tattered clothes remaining. David pulls out two Vampire teeth from his paper mached neck sleeve. The holy water had killed the Vampire, but the paper mached sleeve covered in crazy glue, had kept her teeth. Now, he had the key to get in.

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