Monday, November 3, 2008

Grandma's Secrets

I have been playing around with an idea for a new story, a television show to be more specific that kinda revolves around my Grandma and her secrets. My Grandma had a lot of secrets, I know this. I used to live with her for two years and prior to that, hung out with her on the weekends and she always had a trick up her sleeve. I realized that these where resonating thoughts that I had of her and how much fun it would be if I embellished them tad. And then I thought, well, if I was to exaggerate those tidbits, why not exaggerate all the tidbits and wouldn't that be entertaining. These of course are not exaggerations, yet.

When I would spend time at her house, there would always be an instance that we needed money for something, like, dinner at McDonald's or a trip to Toys' R US or a new video game at the Price Club. Acquiring that money with my Grandma was always an adventure, an adventure to get a treasure, that we had just discovered we wanted. There were always the usual suspects starting with the mail, because there was always, somebody, sending my Grandma money, don't ask me who. I suppose a story for another time but always somebody or something puttin' some cash, in an envelope and sending it her way, it was rather amazing and honestly never got old. The walks to the mailbox on the days we were searching for money always seemed, no, were exciting!

If something had sabotaged our attempts at the mailbox center to procure money, then it would be on to option 2, which would be to scour my Grandma's condo for loot. She always knew where she had hidden her money but she would let me search, giving me clues to where things might be, until steering me in the wrong direction wasn't fun anymore. Once she had enjoyed her little game, she would go to one of her many incredible spots, my favorite always being inside the seams of the curtains, no, that shit, is original gangster shit there. You are hiding your money from the police when you are sewing that shit up, GANGSTA! She would unsew the curtains and, Walla! There it was, some money for our treasure, it was awesome!

If for whatever reason those two ways were empty or exhausted, well then, we would have to go talk to somebody, which was always fun. Grandma would put me in the car and we would drive, for what seemed like hours but was really only about 15 minutes, until we reached a restaurant, an apartment, a bus stop anywhere, somewhere that I didn't know, but she did. When we got out of the car there would always be a different person, but they all knew Grandma and evidently, they knew my late Grandfather as well, as apparent to comments they would make to me as the were pinching me cheek or smacking my face. After the pleasantries the person would hand my Grandma a small envelope with a little bit of money in it. I would always wonder who was that person? Why are they doing that? What is going on? But she always made it seem so smooth , so fun, so much like an adventure.

When my Grandma died I could only think about the happy times, and as the time has passed, I think about them more, and how special they were, and how special she was. How she made everything so amazing and so magical as impossible as that seems. And now I feel her memory motivates me, to be what she saw in me, and I hope she will be part of my journey. I hope by living up to what I am supposed to be I can show the whole world how special she was to me. I love you Grandma.

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awe baby ...that's so sweet!