Saturday, October 18, 2008

To Romo or not to Romo

Sundays game between the Dallas Cowboys and the St. Louis Rams wouldn't jump out at you as a must watch but if you are a Cowboys fan there will be plenty to be interested in. The most important thing of course is the status of injured quarterback Tony Romo and will he play or won't he scenario. I just wanted to mention this topic first so you wouldn't think that I was going to leave it out, but I am going to wait till the end of this post to discuss it.

To the next point of interest Dallas style. Pac Man is back or not but is, you know what I mean. J.J. likes to take the risks and sometimes they work and sometimes they don't, Adam was not one of the successful experiments at least not yet. It will be interesting to see how the Dallas secondary will react with most of the core starters out with injury or suspended. The Rams are not the same offense they have been in years past so this in theory would be a great opportunity for the young Dallas DB's to get some quality work in without the fear of a full blown aerial assault.

My second or third thing to watch for is how Roy Williams the receiver fits into the mix and how well he can compliment the volatile Terrell Owens. This could be devastating combo add Witten into the mix and Crayton as the slot and the hands team for the Boys could be unstoppable. Let's hope Terrel can keep his cool as inevitably he will not get as many passes in his direction but could end up being more open when he does get thrown to.

Coming full circle let's get into Romo and his pinkie. Now word on the street is, is that Romo will not play. My gut feeling thinks this is a bad idea. If Romo can play he should be out making it happen, the Cowboys need him right now. The Boys are in a little bit of a spin now and really need something to put them together. This is the perfect time for Romo to make his final step into greatness. Granted since he became starter of the Cowboys no one in the league has been more productive but he still is missing that final piece to elevate him into the category of Peyton, Brady and Favre. Now I know the obvious is win a play off game but this is not the case.

Tony needs to take this moment and become the hands down leader of this team. He has been leader by example but now he has to become it in the locker room. He needs to reign in this team the way only a superstar NFL QB can. The Cowboys need to let him play. Romo wants to play and this team needs to see him play. The team needs to see Romo say this is my team and I will not let them slide. He needs to be out there and grab this team by the horns and let them know, this is my team, injured or not it's mine. Not T.O. not Marion Barber not Jerry Jones but Tony Romo. He needs to walk on to that field Sunday with his broken pinkie and say nothing will stop me and nothing will stop us. This is his final test and the Cowboys must let him take it.

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~alison said...

DAMN IT! He should have fucking played!