Friday, October 17, 2008


Since there is not a review for this game anywhere online I figured I would give you guys the skinny on the game to date as I know. Let's start it off by saying that as soon as I put the game in I had to load an OS update for my PS3. This is typical of Sony, anytime I want to buy a game and play it you can guarantee that there will be some new update that you must download and install before it will let you play the game. Last night it took upwards of 30 minutes to an hour to update my new OS and to install, YEAH. Good thing I had planned on playing the game this weekend and that my friend had warned me about the time waste ahead of time so that I could properly prepare days in advance so that I could play on the day I wanted to. Good thing I didn't want to play that minute or I might have been upset.

Okay so I did that, then of course I had to install the game to my hard drive before I could even see the opening screen. Wow, it took another two hours for me to download again and install again another load of bull puckey. This borders on ridiculous and even though I had told myself ahead of time this would be the case it did not make it any less frustrating. Finally three hours later the game was finally installed and ready to play?

I finally reached the opening screen and at this point I wanted to check out some options maybe tweak my guy a bit, you know customize my weapons choose my kick ass gear and so on. Not Happening. I could not connect to the server. I did not realize if I could not connect to the server I would be able to see any part of the game. It's bad enough they cheese you out with no story mode/one player mode, really who makes a game like this? I could not access one thing on the game, not one thing! How do you release a game on Tuesday and have people spend their hard earned money and not let them do one thing beside downloading updates that you don't need since you can't play the game. I can't do anything with the game, three hours of effing crap to then NOT be able to do one thing. WOW!

Sony has some major issues on their hands I have never been a part of such a travesty, I can't believe I bought this game and did all the shit they had me do (This would never happen on 360) so that I could watch a title screen. Socom rating 0 and seriously guys get your head out of your asses!

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