Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Rumors of Their Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

When Tom Brady went down I was for sure one of the people that had written of the Patriots and had assumed they would not make the play-offs and go 0-16. I was wrong, not the first time and definitely not the last. My predictions have been, how would you say - a little off this season, okay alot off. Why wouldn't I assume the Patriots were done after losing an iconic quarterback, I don't know because they also had a bunch off other pro bowlers on the team and a hall of fame coach. At times I don't like to mix risky fact in with my predictions, I actually like to throw it out the window as much as possible.

I am not saying that the Pats are going to win the Superbowl, but I will say that the Pats as a team and an organization are more than a handsome quarterback that can throw 50 touchdowns in a season. They are a well oiled machine and when your engine blows sometimes it takes a little while but with a replacement part added to an already prime machine it will get going again, maybe not like before but totally serviceable. Last night the Patriots lost two more key players and again old me was ready to send them up the river, but I paused when I had this thought and realized they still have a boat load of paddles.

Tom Brady in his first six games was 4-2 as the starter and completed roughly 63% of his passes. Matt Cassel after 6 games 4-2 completing roughly about 63% of his passes. Again they are not the same, obviously Matt Cassel is not hooking up with Giselle - yet and after six games into his starting career neither was Tom.

Look the Pats are not going to win the Superbowl, but if we are to look at history it would not be that far fetched, considering the team, the organization, and the coach. Stranger things have happened. The Patriots are going to make the play-offs and they a going to win a game and this is way more than I ever thought they were going to do after week one. Never doubt the heart of a champion and maybe possibly, never doubt the Patriots and Bellichik.

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