Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chapter 3 : Enter

David stares out the gate that surrounds his school when he feels a tap on his shoulder. "So are you going to tell about this message are what?" Pharell eagerly asks. David thinks about it but not for long. "I'll tell you, but I will tell you as soon as we get of school grounds.". "You can't make me wait 'till after school dude.". "Then we will just have to leave now." David begins to climb the fence to the great disbelief of his friend. "We could get in so much trouble... Flip it!" Pharell slowly ascends the gate and follows.

"She just said 1125, run, and in the message she said go in David, go in. I mean each time the last word was ya know, like frantic." They continue to walk down the street, Pharell is astonished by what he hears. "What does it mean, I'm so excited, this is like a movie and we are the stars." the excitement swelling in Pharell's eyes. "First of all if it was a movie, I am the star" Pharell shrugs at the thought of anything with him in it, in which he would not be the star "Secondly it's not cool dude."

A bus drives down the street it's driver focused on the road and nothing else. David realizes that there is no ambient noise. "SSHHHH!" David motions to Pharell to be quiet. "I hear nothing" and then. The LOUD rumbling of a Passenger bus comes into focus.

BEEP! BEEP! the alarm on David's phone begins to ring. David knows before he can look it's 11:25. "Why is your alarm going off?" Pharell asks. "I set it for 11:25 just for poo and laughs". Suddenly...

The bus driver passes out and the vehicle begins to accelerate towards Pharell and David. David looks into the bus and realizes what is happening. The bus crashes into a parked car but continues on course right at David and Pharell. "RUN!" David screams and grabs Pharell. They Bus is upon them and David and Pharell jump onto a front lawn as the bus speeds by them. A huge crash and the boys look up to inspect the damage. "Holy Shit!" David gets up and dust himself off. "What are those numbers again?" Pharell asks. "1125, why?" as he says it he looks at the address on the front door of the house, 1125. The door slowly opens.

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