Friday, October 17, 2008

Chapter 2 : The Message

David presses the the voicemail button on his phone. "You have one new message" the automated voice replies. WHISPERS permeate the inside of David's ear and then, screaming "11 25 ... Run!! Go IN David, GO IN!!". David drops the phone and steps away in shock. "Pull it together man!" He picks up the phone and tries to replay the message. " Message erased, thank you, goodbye" the voice on the phone speaks and then disconnects. David repeatedly tries to get the message back but it is gone as quickly as it came.

The sun shines through the window onto a kitchen counter top. Jonathan Pace sits in a daze at the counter pushing a spoon through his cereal. David enters and notices his zombie like father toying with his breakfast. His expression bleak and lost, David does not know how to react. "Are you all right?" he asks his father who gives no response. "Dad?" his father snaps out of it and looks up at his son. "Things are so different now" Jonathan mumbles. "I don't know what anything means anymore" David realizes he will not be able to communicate the prior events to his father at this moment. "What are you going to do today Pop?". No answer, David assesses the situation and determines his best plan of attack would be to head out to school and let his father get a grip. "Hey dad I'm going to go to school now, cool?". "Yes that's fine David." he answers and goes back to his faux eating. David walks up and hugs his father and leaves for school. As he walks out the door he notices his father's cell phone indicates he has a voice mail. Could it be the same as his, could his father have received the same message. It all sounded so crazy. As much as he wanted his father to look at his phone, he decided this was not the time to entertain his crazy notions with his father, but he would not soon forgot the blinking message.

Putting on his sun glasses David starts to walk to school. The sun is shining bright but a peculiar orangish haze coats the sky. He looks up and notices but chalks it up to the weirdness of the morning. It's quiet and unusually peaceful for this time of morning. He takes a deep breath and continues down his path.

"DUDE!" a shrill voice rings through the peaceful air. "DUDE! WAIT UP!" Pharell Dover a short stocky eccentrically dressed 16 year old boy runs up to David. Adjusting his wizard hat as he comes upon David he gasps for breath. "Why are you running so fast?" Pharell spits out. "I haven't hit a stride faster than a walk P" . "I don't know you were moving pretty fast! Why didn't you come by my place this morning, I have been texting you all morning".

That's strange he thinks to himself I haven't got one. "My phone has been acting crazy today, my Grandma died last night and I think she called me this morning!"


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