Thursday, October 16, 2008

Chapter 1 : New Beginnings


DAVID PACE lay in bed. The ring incorporating itself into his dream.


His eyes open, and then he notices the clock 6:30 A.M. never a good sign. He reaches for the phone and checks the caller ID. It reads Grandma. "Hello? Grandma?". Indecipherable whispers answer from the other end. "Grandma?" silence and then. "1125... RUN!!!" click. The phone powers down and the call is gone. He looks at the phone. "GRANDMA!" nothing but silence. He tries to turn the phone back on but the battery is dead.

David slowly rises from his bed befuddled at the what had just transpired. "What was that? 11 25" he wipes the sleep from his eyes and walks to his laptop. He looks at picture of him and his Grandma.


David looks to the door "Come in". His Father enters a somber look upon his face. "Dad what's wrong?" His Father sits on the bed not making eye contact. "Pop?"
David's father gathers his strength and slowly vocalizes his worst nightmare. "Your Grandmother died last night" David can see the pain as his father holds back tears. "She died early this morning". David looks at the picture and does not know what to say. What was that call? It's not possible, what should he say to his father a rush of thoughts and emotions swell inside his chest. "Pop, I am so sorry". His Father rises from the bed and begins to leave the room and then stops. "Why are you up?" his father asks. Not knowing how to handle the question David immediatly moves to an excuse "Bad Dreams, woke me up" his father nods and leaves the room. "I'm sorry" is all David can eek out as his father exits.

David more confused than before looks for his phone charger and plugs in his phone hoping to find an answer. He powers it up as it charges.


A new message signal appears on his phone. "What the fuck?" David stares at the new message indicator in disbelief.

2 comments: Maegan said...

wow. the best post yet.

~alison said...

my heart is hurting!

and I want to know what happened with the message....