Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chapter 4: Grandma


The sun peeks through the overcast day and through the window shining a light on a KEY resting on a coffee table.
DAVID PACE (16), bright eyed and curious eats some fresh made candy that his Grandma had just set down. He puts a piece of chocolate in his mouth and savors the full flavor.

Nobody makes candy like you Grandma.

GRANDMA RUTH (93) old and wise, but unusually together and spry brings another plate of goodies from the kitchen. David cannot get enough of the chocolate and delightfully stuffs another into his mouth.

DAVID (cont’d)
(Mouth full)
Seriously Grams this stuff is awesome.

One day maybe I will let you in on my secrets.

David LAUGHS and reaches under the coffee table and pulls out a PHOTO ALBUM labeled FAMILY. He opens it and looks at the pictures.

Ten children Grams that’s amazing how come I only ever see my Dad and Aunt Jo?

They are very busy.

To busy for you, how is that possible.

Grandma Ruth sits down on a chair exhaling deeply as her butt makes contact with the cushion. David reaches for the key on the table an 1125 etched into it’s side.

SLAP! Grandma Ruth smacks his hand and snatches the key with the quickness of a women a third of her age.

DAVID (cont’d)
Ow! I was just looking.

You know what the say about curiosity.

It killed the grandson, I know, I know.

That’s right. There is a time and a place for everything and this is not the time.

Wow. What is that key to?

Grandma Ruth drops the key into her pocket, and looks at her grandson sternly.

Don’t snoop for this, do you understand?

Yes Grandma.

David watches intently as his Grandmother leaves the room hoping to catch a glimpse at where she may be hiding this new Secret.

David scans the room “treasures everywhere and he knew it”. He starts turning over every little knick knack. He see’s a GOLD CANDY DISH behind a plant. Odd that he had never noticed it before. He checks for his Grandma.
The coast was clear and he reaches for the DISH. He looks at it carefully and then grabs it -- but it won’t open. After further inspection he realizes that it is a trick box with a special pattern to open it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Rumors of Their Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

When Tom Brady went down I was for sure one of the people that had written of the Patriots and had assumed they would not make the play-offs and go 0-16. I was wrong, not the first time and definitely not the last. My predictions have been, how would you say - a little off this season, okay alot off. Why wouldn't I assume the Patriots were done after losing an iconic quarterback, I don't know because they also had a bunch off other pro bowlers on the team and a hall of fame coach. At times I don't like to mix risky fact in with my predictions, I actually like to throw it out the window as much as possible.

I am not saying that the Pats are going to win the Superbowl, but I will say that the Pats as a team and an organization are more than a handsome quarterback that can throw 50 touchdowns in a season. They are a well oiled machine and when your engine blows sometimes it takes a little while but with a replacement part added to an already prime machine it will get going again, maybe not like before but totally serviceable. Last night the Patriots lost two more key players and again old me was ready to send them up the river, but I paused when I had this thought and realized they still have a boat load of paddles.

Tom Brady in his first six games was 4-2 as the starter and completed roughly 63% of his passes. Matt Cassel after 6 games 4-2 completing roughly about 63% of his passes. Again they are not the same, obviously Matt Cassel is not hooking up with Giselle - yet and after six games into his starting career neither was Tom.

Look the Pats are not going to win the Superbowl, but if we are to look at history it would not be that far fetched, considering the team, the organization, and the coach. Stranger things have happened. The Patriots are going to make the play-offs and they a going to win a game and this is way more than I ever thought they were going to do after week one. Never doubt the heart of a champion and maybe possibly, never doubt the Patriots and Bellichik.


I will be reposting my chapters in script form and all subsequent chapters from this point on will be in screenplay format.

Chapter 3 : Enter

David stares out the gate that surrounds his school when he feels a tap on his shoulder. "So are you going to tell about this message are what?" Pharell eagerly asks. David thinks about it but not for long. "I'll tell you, but I will tell you as soon as we get of school grounds.". "You can't make me wait 'till after school dude.". "Then we will just have to leave now." David begins to climb the fence to the great disbelief of his friend. "We could get in so much trouble... Flip it!" Pharell slowly ascends the gate and follows.

"She just said 1125, run, and in the message she said go in David, go in. I mean each time the last word was ya know, like frantic." They continue to walk down the street, Pharell is astonished by what he hears. "What does it mean, I'm so excited, this is like a movie and we are the stars." the excitement swelling in Pharell's eyes. "First of all if it was a movie, I am the star" Pharell shrugs at the thought of anything with him in it, in which he would not be the star "Secondly it's not cool dude."

A bus drives down the street it's driver focused on the road and nothing else. David realizes that there is no ambient noise. "SSHHHH!" David motions to Pharell to be quiet. "I hear nothing" and then. The LOUD rumbling of a Passenger bus comes into focus.

BEEP! BEEP! the alarm on David's phone begins to ring. David knows before he can look it's 11:25. "Why is your alarm going off?" Pharell asks. "I set it for 11:25 just for poo and laughs". Suddenly...

The bus driver passes out and the vehicle begins to accelerate towards Pharell and David. David looks into the bus and realizes what is happening. The bus crashes into a parked car but continues on course right at David and Pharell. "RUN!" David screams and grabs Pharell. They Bus is upon them and David and Pharell jump onto a front lawn as the bus speeds by them. A huge crash and the boys look up to inspect the damage. "Holy Shit!" David gets up and dust himself off. "What are those numbers again?" Pharell asks. "1125, why?" as he says it he looks at the address on the front door of the house, 1125. The door slowly opens.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

To Romo or not to Romo

Sundays game between the Dallas Cowboys and the St. Louis Rams wouldn't jump out at you as a must watch but if you are a Cowboys fan there will be plenty to be interested in. The most important thing of course is the status of injured quarterback Tony Romo and will he play or won't he scenario. I just wanted to mention this topic first so you wouldn't think that I was going to leave it out, but I am going to wait till the end of this post to discuss it.

To the next point of interest Dallas style. Pac Man is back or not but is, you know what I mean. J.J. likes to take the risks and sometimes they work and sometimes they don't, Adam was not one of the successful experiments at least not yet. It will be interesting to see how the Dallas secondary will react with most of the core starters out with injury or suspended. The Rams are not the same offense they have been in years past so this in theory would be a great opportunity for the young Dallas DB's to get some quality work in without the fear of a full blown aerial assault.

My second or third thing to watch for is how Roy Williams the receiver fits into the mix and how well he can compliment the volatile Terrell Owens. This could be devastating combo add Witten into the mix and Crayton as the slot and the hands team for the Boys could be unstoppable. Let's hope Terrel can keep his cool as inevitably he will not get as many passes in his direction but could end up being more open when he does get thrown to.

Coming full circle let's get into Romo and his pinkie. Now word on the street is, is that Romo will not play. My gut feeling thinks this is a bad idea. If Romo can play he should be out making it happen, the Cowboys need him right now. The Boys are in a little bit of a spin now and really need something to put them together. This is the perfect time for Romo to make his final step into greatness. Granted since he became starter of the Cowboys no one in the league has been more productive but he still is missing that final piece to elevate him into the category of Peyton, Brady and Favre. Now I know the obvious is win a play off game but this is not the case.

Tony needs to take this moment and become the hands down leader of this team. He has been leader by example but now he has to become it in the locker room. He needs to reign in this team the way only a superstar NFL QB can. The Cowboys need to let him play. Romo wants to play and this team needs to see him play. The team needs to see Romo say this is my team and I will not let them slide. He needs to be out there and grab this team by the horns and let them know, this is my team, injured or not it's mine. Not T.O. not Marion Barber not Jerry Jones but Tony Romo. He needs to walk on to that field Sunday with his broken pinkie and say nothing will stop me and nothing will stop us. This is his final test and the Cowboys must let him take it.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Chapter 2 : The Message

David presses the the voicemail button on his phone. "You have one new message" the automated voice replies. WHISPERS permeate the inside of David's ear and then, screaming "11 25 ... Run!! Go IN David, GO IN!!". David drops the phone and steps away in shock. "Pull it together man!" He picks up the phone and tries to replay the message. " Message erased, thank you, goodbye" the voice on the phone speaks and then disconnects. David repeatedly tries to get the message back but it is gone as quickly as it came.

The sun shines through the window onto a kitchen counter top. Jonathan Pace sits in a daze at the counter pushing a spoon through his cereal. David enters and notices his zombie like father toying with his breakfast. His expression bleak and lost, David does not know how to react. "Are you all right?" he asks his father who gives no response. "Dad?" his father snaps out of it and looks up at his son. "Things are so different now" Jonathan mumbles. "I don't know what anything means anymore" David realizes he will not be able to communicate the prior events to his father at this moment. "What are you going to do today Pop?". No answer, David assesses the situation and determines his best plan of attack would be to head out to school and let his father get a grip. "Hey dad I'm going to go to school now, cool?". "Yes that's fine David." he answers and goes back to his faux eating. David walks up and hugs his father and leaves for school. As he walks out the door he notices his father's cell phone indicates he has a voice mail. Could it be the same as his, could his father have received the same message. It all sounded so crazy. As much as he wanted his father to look at his phone, he decided this was not the time to entertain his crazy notions with his father, but he would not soon forgot the blinking message.

Putting on his sun glasses David starts to walk to school. The sun is shining bright but a peculiar orangish haze coats the sky. He looks up and notices but chalks it up to the weirdness of the morning. It's quiet and unusually peaceful for this time of morning. He takes a deep breath and continues down his path.

"DUDE!" a shrill voice rings through the peaceful air. "DUDE! WAIT UP!" Pharell Dover a short stocky eccentrically dressed 16 year old boy runs up to David. Adjusting his wizard hat as he comes upon David he gasps for breath. "Why are you running so fast?" Pharell spits out. "I haven't hit a stride faster than a walk P" . "I don't know you were moving pretty fast! Why didn't you come by my place this morning, I have been texting you all morning".

That's strange he thinks to himself I haven't got one. "My phone has been acting crazy today, my Grandma died last night and I think she called me this morning!"



Since there is not a review for this game anywhere online I figured I would give you guys the skinny on the game to date as I know. Let's start it off by saying that as soon as I put the game in I had to load an OS update for my PS3. This is typical of Sony, anytime I want to buy a game and play it you can guarantee that there will be some new update that you must download and install before it will let you play the game. Last night it took upwards of 30 minutes to an hour to update my new OS and to install, YEAH. Good thing I had planned on playing the game this weekend and that my friend had warned me about the time waste ahead of time so that I could properly prepare days in advance so that I could play on the day I wanted to. Good thing I didn't want to play that minute or I might have been upset.

Okay so I did that, then of course I had to install the game to my hard drive before I could even see the opening screen. Wow, it took another two hours for me to download again and install again another load of bull puckey. This borders on ridiculous and even though I had told myself ahead of time this would be the case it did not make it any less frustrating. Finally three hours later the game was finally installed and ready to play?

I finally reached the opening screen and at this point I wanted to check out some options maybe tweak my guy a bit, you know customize my weapons choose my kick ass gear and so on. Not Happening. I could not connect to the server. I did not realize if I could not connect to the server I would be able to see any part of the game. It's bad enough they cheese you out with no story mode/one player mode, really who makes a game like this? I could not access one thing on the game, not one thing! How do you release a game on Tuesday and have people spend their hard earned money and not let them do one thing beside downloading updates that you don't need since you can't play the game. I can't do anything with the game, three hours of effing crap to then NOT be able to do one thing. WOW!

Sony has some major issues on their hands I have never been a part of such a travesty, I can't believe I bought this game and did all the shit they had me do (This would never happen on 360) so that I could watch a title screen. Socom rating 0 and seriously guys get your head out of your asses!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Chapter 1 : New Beginnings


DAVID PACE lay in bed. The ring incorporating itself into his dream.


His eyes open, and then he notices the clock 6:30 A.M. never a good sign. He reaches for the phone and checks the caller ID. It reads Grandma. "Hello? Grandma?". Indecipherable whispers answer from the other end. "Grandma?" silence and then. "1125... RUN!!!" click. The phone powers down and the call is gone. He looks at the phone. "GRANDMA!" nothing but silence. He tries to turn the phone back on but the battery is dead.

David slowly rises from his bed befuddled at the what had just transpired. "What was that? 11 25" he wipes the sleep from his eyes and walks to his laptop. He looks at picture of him and his Grandma.


David looks to the door "Come in". His Father enters a somber look upon his face. "Dad what's wrong?" His Father sits on the bed not making eye contact. "Pop?"
David's father gathers his strength and slowly vocalizes his worst nightmare. "Your Grandmother died last night" David can see the pain as his father holds back tears. "She died early this morning". David looks at the picture and does not know what to say. What was that call? It's not possible, what should he say to his father a rush of thoughts and emotions swell inside his chest. "Pop, I am so sorry". His Father rises from the bed and begins to leave the room and then stops. "Why are you up?" his father asks. Not knowing how to handle the question David immediatly moves to an excuse "Bad Dreams, woke me up" his father nods and leaves the room. "I'm sorry" is all David can eek out as his father exits.

David more confused than before looks for his phone charger and plugs in his phone hoping to find an answer. He powers it up as it charges.


A new message signal appears on his phone. "What the fuck?" David stares at the new message indicator in disbelief.