Wednesday, September 10, 2008

On the Fringe

Last night was the series premiere of J.J. Abrams Fringe and I would give it a C+. It is very much like X-Files meets Alias meets Lost which in theory could be kinda of cool but we will really have to wait and see. It was a typical first episode lots and lots of set-up for everyone so if the plot of the pilot was not poppin' it tends to drag and this was no exception. I will tell you that as much as I love Lost you have to differentiate yourself from the latter to eventually be able to stand on your own. Right off the bat they are in an airplane so reminiscent of the Oceanic Six Jet liner from Lost that it was cool then super tarded. Really in a plane? Really? I know totally going for the Lost viewers but a bit too much, then most of the dramatic transition music between scenes sounded eerily familiar, because I had heard them before on another show (Lost). That's cool I couldn't stop thinking about one of my favorite episodic but still. There are also Daddy issues which seem to be a fairly common theme for Mr. Abrams again cool, I can relate but still alot of similarities. Finally they showed symbols through out the commercial break and finally in the last scene that where I dunno exactly like the symbols representing the different hatches on the Lost island. I think this show will be good as it moves more towards a modern X-files and away from Lost comparisons that inevitably will happen. Really I think it will be cool but first episodes are tough (not for Lost). I look forward to next weeks episode for a better feel of where the show is headed. If you like the shows I have mentioned I would definitely give it a try.

2 comments: Maegan said...

I SUPPOSE I'll watch a couple more. But if I don't LOVE it by episode three, I'M OUT! besides, the new 90210 is on at the same time ...heheheh

love you.

~alison said...

TRUST is NOTHING like LOST! However, I though the same thing with the opening of the show...I said to myself, "what a sec...this is EXACTLY how LOST started." But again, NOTHING like it. And actually JJ (yes, I refer to him on a first name basis) said he learned alot from his past shows and has made attempts to make this one better than the rest. The dailies that I have seen are pretty cool...granted I haven't seen a full episode other than the pilot - but I think it is going to be good!

And Maeg - trust me - waaaaay better than the new 90210!