Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I have been playing fighting games for a pretty good portion of my video game life. The one that stood out early was Street Fighter 2. I would play it religiously, trekking my way to the nearest liquor store to achieve my prepubescent fix. Winner stay on was all I needed to know. With a dollar in quarters and five for Minute Maid Orange Soda and Butterfinger my evenings were budgeted and set. I went everywhere to play all the time it was great. And then came a lull, I was in college and partying alot going to class a bit and not quite as focused on my fighting skills. The Dreamcast by Sega came out and I was back in the loop (some would say I was never out but they never realized the level of my fanaticism). At the time I was raving a lot and occasionally experimenting with some goodies that at times would heavily enhance the visual content of what I was playing. I had just purchased the first Soul Caliber and had gotten home early in the morning with a group of friends who were also chemically enhanced. We popped in the title and began to play for 14 hours straight it was magnificent, the greatest single fighting game experience of our lives. Why am I telling you this? Because I just got Soul Caliber 4 and I wanted you to know what it had to live up to.

Initially I was impressed by the graphics, stunning, I can't tell you about the technical stuff because I don't know, but it looks effin sweet. After the first couple of matches I gotta tell you I was a little let down, wasn't quite livin' up to the memory of the drug induced marathon session from years back. So I put it down, but when I picked it up again something clicked, well to be honest I got my first achievement on 360 so that was definitely the foreplay for my Soul Caliber hump session. I don't know what it was but I was lovin' it. The game play was very fluid once you learned the moves, able to chain together effective combos and was fairly easy after a couple of hours. The characters are amazing to look at and I mean amazing to look at. If you are a dude, which of course I am you will be thoroughly impressed by the attire of the female fighters, one word skimpy. All an All once I put the time in, I found it to be a very deep and enjoyable fighter. Really, the most fun I have had with one in years and to think I wasn't going to buy it because I wanted to wait for DC Vs Mortal Kombat -- DUMB!

The different modes in the game are totally fun. I played Arcade Mode, Tower, Vs, and Story and all of them FANTASTIC! The more crap you plow through the more hidden treasures like new weapons will become accessible. So it's worth the time because you also get way better and that is for sure the point of the game. There is also a create a character mode which is sweet as sheiiieeeat!!! I have created Phoenix Samurai and he is bad ass. The character create is fairly rewarding, you can pretty much make a unique character with the extensive palette. The more you play with him the more powerful he gets.

I would say buy this game and play for hours. I bought this game, not that that should sway you I did buy Lost the game(which is greaaaaat!) but it is really good. For a more in depth review check out . I give it a B+ and a definite buy. Till next time.

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"foreplay for my Soul Caliber hump session" ...I love it!