Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pam Anderson Can Eat My Meat!

Golly it sure does seem like most of my posts are getting a bit sad and mean spirited lately, so why buck the trend. Pam Anderson and her animal humping pals at P.E.T.A. occasionally cause a blip on my radar but usually not enough for me to feel the necessity to launch a strike. Well you ask, what today? What did it today, what was it that finally pushed me over the edge? Let me set up the scenario so that everyone can fully understand where I am coming from if any place at all.

I have two dogs and they are awesome. I love them with everything I have, so much so that I will get in arguments with people if I don't think they a being treated right, or somebody is to good for their smells. I have had pets my whole life and find them to be one of the worlds truly great gifts. I do not own fur, kick puppies, club dolphins, fight chickens or wrestle bears. All that being said I do not condone or appreciate fanatical views on any level. Be it religion, ufology, sports, medicine you name it if there is an extreme view it's more than not misguided and too informed. Too informed you say how is that possible. You ever meet that guy that just start rattling of statistics and references that you will never be able to substantiated and the shit sounds so good you forgot your points due to the mass overload of generic jeopardy information the for mention person begins to spew at you and none of it makes sense and some of it does. I could give you statistics and information on both sides of an argument for anything and make it sound plausible. It all depends on the messenger. That is too informed and PETA is to informed for its own good.

PETA is a fanatical organization that is as publicity hungry as Pam Anderson. They have entered my sports world on several occasions most recently in the case of the last big horse race that happened. Exactly I don't even care about horse racing or Jessica Simpson for that matter (I will get to that soon enough). I eat meat, I know it's bad but what you gonna do. People do stupid shit it happens every second of every day that this planet has circled the Sun since they have been on it. The only thing I heard about prior to the Belmont Stakes or Preakness or Derby or whatever was some lady talking about how shitty the horses are treated. I get it being an athlete is hard work that's why they make the big bucks. OK the horse did not choose to be an athlete but if he could wouldn't he? I would the life of a race horse is not that bad. I run a little some lady gives me a sponge bath, I get some fabulous carrots and people bring me that hottest horses from around the globe so I can stud them. Hell yeah! I think the lady from PETA is a hater pure and simple. Seriously PETA I hope you recycle, don't use plastic, don't eat meat or wear leather drive a hybrid and power your homes with solar power, yeah right. PETA take care of the planet you live on. If you had a group of fanatical uptight asstards watching your every move I bet you guys do a lot of despicable things yourselves.

I love animals but what about people and this planet. Trust me when were gone the animals will be in full control they are just biding their time waiting for us to slip up and we are. PETA you should start worrying about the homeless people in Santa Monica and the Hungry people in our Ghettos. Please get on the ball. I watch people get away with murder and see Vick do time for dogs. I do not condone dog fighting I think it is gross and barbaric but it is what it is. It's not like Vick had a bunch of Chinese immigrants fighting to the death in a steel cage of course it isn't because those guys get no jail time. Where are you now PETA more concerned with the animals than your fellow man. Pathetic.

Finally to my headline. It really steams me when I have to defend something or in this case someone who I normally wouldn't because a bigger jerk is effing with them. Case in point Jessica Simpson Vs Pam Anderson. The jist is Jessica wore some shirt that said I like Meat or Real women eat meat or I like hot sausage I don't know nor do I care, wear whatever. Headlights Anderson then called her a moron and a whore it's not the first I have problem with but the latter that may stroke me the wrong way. If that is not the pot calling the kettle black I do not know what is. What happens when a real whore Pam Anderson calls a fake whore a whore, I believe a rip in the time space continuum is what happens next. At what point did PETA say to themselves you know who would be great to represent us Oprah? No no, how about Angelina? No no, I got it Pam Anderson. Give that group a cookie because they just made a great decision. Unless I am peddling horrible boob jobs or how to make your own sex tape and then leak it video Pam is not my spokeswomen. How can you hold an organization accountable with crazy nuts as their clean up hitter. Look Pam Anderson by definition is well kinda a whore, and don't get me wrong she has totally owned it but I will never take her seriously or anything she has to say as she rolls her Escalade right over homeless people. You're old Pam and not nearly as hot as Jess anymore so hang it up and shut up. Stop looking to start feuds so people can see you on TMZ or read about it on Perez. Pam if you need some help you can eat my meat!

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