Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Madden Curse; Save Brett

Let's get this straight, curses are real! Ask the Chicago Cubs, Hurley from Lost, Kenny from South Park, Dorian Grey, and the list of athletes from the covers of Sports Illustrated and John Madden Football. There is a new addition to the list this year and for all my recollection I have never seen a curse use such a heavy hand with it's cursed victim. Brett Favre is the newest and potentially most devastating addition to the list. He graces the cover of Madden Football this year and the poo has hit the fan. Since 2000 every athlete on the cover has been jinxed. Here is a brief history, 2000 Dorsey Levens never the same after the cover, 2001 Eddie George fell off the planet, Dante Culpepper blew out his knee lost best receiver, Marshall Faulk analyst for the NFL network never played a full season again, 2004 Micheal Vick in prison! 2005 perennial tough guy Ray Lewis worst season on record, 2006 Donovan McNabb hasn't played 16 since, 2007 Shaun Alexander cannot find a team to play for which brings us up to speed with Brett Favre.

Never have I seen the curse resort to such drastic measures as it has with Brett. The curse knowing who it was dealing with knew that it could not injure the great Favre so it stooped to a new all time low. The curse is strange and powerful and it started it's attack early. It took a hold of General Manager Ted Thompson knowing what was going to happen, knowing Brett would be the cover boy, knowing that it could not defeat him on it's own, the curse looked for a concubine to deliver it's message. The curse seeped it's way into the Packer organization as soon as the season was over already foreseeing the future. For some unexplainable reason the Packers turned on Favre or is it unexplainable? The curse infiltrated the minds of the organization and even temporarily the mind of the great Favre. "I can still play" he stated at his retirement, then why retire? Because he was not in control... the curse was. Why not beg for Brett to come back? Because of the curse, it had taken over GM Ted Thompson's mind as well as Head Coach Mike McCarthy. And now it has moved into the heads of the Packer nation.

This curse has made people turn on Favre, it has made him untradeable, and the Packers won't even let him compete for the job, his job. Strange I would say. How is this happening? The devastating effects of the Madden curse seem to be unstoppable but I do have a solution. They must bury the cover right now before it is two late. The only way to survive the turmoil is to destroy the artifact carrying it. Someone must get a hold of Madden 09 with Favre on the cover and then bury it in hollowed ground before it is two late. We do not have much time, and Brett's is running out. The curse is going to keep him retired or humiliate him by holding a clip board and we must stop it. Contact EA and ask them, no force them to give you and early copy and then bury it as soon as you can... for Brett, for Football, for the world.

I see what is happening and we must rise up. I have seen a future after buried Madden 09 and it is green and gold. I see Ted Thompson going to the podium the day after and saying "I don't know what just happened but we are bringing Brett back as our starter because he gives us the best chance to win." And I will say "fo sho" and the curse will be lifted.

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