Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Can Smell It In The Air.

Football, Football, Football, you fickle bitch, with me six months and then you leave me with only anticipation and emptiness for six months, only to swoop back into my life like you never left. For the six months you are not around I hear rumors, read articles about you but never really see you. Scorned I pretend not to care about what I hear, but we no that's not true. You know the truth, I am listening, watching, waiting for your inevitable arrival, occasionally watching an old video and walking down memory lane. But I can smell it in the air roasting in the summer heat my meal almost ready.

Today in preparation for the return of the kin. I shall go shopping for new attire. My life and college career begin again in a few days just like every July. The release of EASPORTS NCAA FOOTBALL 09 is upon me and many questions that must be answered still swirl in the wind. What college will I attend, what number will I wear, what system shall I play on, who will I play with, I could go on forever. Today though I will tackle which college I will use for this years game.

This year I am taking a more subdued approach to my preseason in a hope to keep the college spirits high and intense through my month long college career. Then I jump to the pros with MADDEN football in August. Normally I would take my time with my college season but the rumors around the mill have been that this years edition of MADDEN is going to kick major assagge. So with that in Mind, I did not order my Michigan Home, Away, and Special occasion jerseys that I would normally wear when I played... because that is what you do when you play football wear a jersey. I wanted to but this year with the economy and my shortened season I pondered a different approach. I am going to Champs sports today and whatever college football jersey they have in a home and away I am getting. And whatever number is on that jersey is going to be my number. Normally I would search the earth looking for a 16, butt effit. I have seen that number enough, it is time for new pattern or at least a slightly deviated one.

To say that I am excited about the release of NCAA FOOTBALL 09 is an understatement. I have been waiting for this moment since the end of the Pro Bowl. My life focused on a singular event from that moment and it is soon upon us. It looks like I will be a local team this year but it will look great on my Bio. The days are getting closer and I can smell what EA is cooking. My review will come soon after the game is released. On what system I do not know yet. I am very torn.

PS3 or XBOX 360 I can't make up my mind. I truly feel it will be a game time decision. There are pros and cons for both. For the PS3 I really like the controller for football games. Call it what you want but I am very used to the PS controller for football. Plus my friend Ronnie and on again off again rival will be playing Madden on the PS3 which would mean I would have to play college on the PS3 so that I could transfer my college player into Madden and continue my career through that game. On the other hand I love Achievements and the 360 will have them. If you are not familiar with achievements they are extra awards inside the game for doing something special like 5 touchdowns in a game or beat an opponent by 28, etc. Most of my friends are on Xbox Live but the one I would play the most with is on the Playstation network. Decisions decisions, what to do, at this moment I am leaning PS3 but it changes daily. We will see, but regardless of what system I purchase it on football season is here, and I am happy.

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