Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I have been playing fighting games for a pretty good portion of my video game life. The one that stood out early was Street Fighter 2. I would play it religiously, trekking my way to the nearest liquor store to achieve my prepubescent fix. Winner stay on was all I needed to know. With a dollar in quarters and five for Minute Maid Orange Soda and Butterfinger my evenings were budgeted and set. I went everywhere to play all the time it was great. And then came a lull, I was in college and partying alot going to class a bit and not quite as focused on my fighting skills. The Dreamcast by Sega came out and I was back in the loop (some would say I was never out but they never realized the level of my fanaticism). At the time I was raving a lot and occasionally experimenting with some goodies that at times would heavily enhance the visual content of what I was playing. I had just purchased the first Soul Caliber and had gotten home early in the morning with a group of friends who were also chemically enhanced. We popped in the title and began to play for 14 hours straight it was magnificent, the greatest single fighting game experience of our lives. Why am I telling you this? Because I just got Soul Caliber 4 and I wanted you to know what it had to live up to.

Initially I was impressed by the graphics, stunning, I can't tell you about the technical stuff because I don't know, but it looks effin sweet. After the first couple of matches I gotta tell you I was a little let down, wasn't quite livin' up to the memory of the drug induced marathon session from years back. So I put it down, but when I picked it up again something clicked, well to be honest I got my first achievement on 360 so that was definitely the foreplay for my Soul Caliber hump session. I don't know what it was but I was lovin' it. The game play was very fluid once you learned the moves, able to chain together effective combos and was fairly easy after a couple of hours. The characters are amazing to look at and I mean amazing to look at. If you are a dude, which of course I am you will be thoroughly impressed by the attire of the female fighters, one word skimpy. All an All once I put the time in, I found it to be a very deep and enjoyable fighter. Really, the most fun I have had with one in years and to think I wasn't going to buy it because I wanted to wait for DC Vs Mortal Kombat -- DUMB!

The different modes in the game are totally fun. I played Arcade Mode, Tower, Vs, and Story and all of them FANTASTIC! The more crap you plow through the more hidden treasures like new weapons will become accessible. So it's worth the time because you also get way better and that is for sure the point of the game. There is also a create a character mode which is sweet as sheiiieeeat!!! I have created Phoenix Samurai and he is bad ass. The character create is fairly rewarding, you can pretty much make a unique character with the extensive palette. The more you play with him the more powerful he gets.

I would say buy this game and play for hours. I bought this game, not that that should sway you I did buy Lost the game(which is greaaaaat!) but it is really good. For a more in depth review check out . I give it a B+ and a definite buy. Till next time.

Crazy Nuts!

Ron "Crazy Nuts" Artest has been dealt to the Houston Rockets. Wha happin' I thought he was coming to the Lakers. The Rockets got him for Nothing Bobby Jackson and a draft pick. Houston is going to be pretty damn sweet next year with two big time defensive stoppers in Artest and Battier and the Chinese tree Yao. I don't know if Ron is sane but he can pay and in the end that's all that matters. I guess they will be awesome till Yao gets hurt "no offense" . Houston you have a problem and his name is Ron Artest. Go lakers!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Madden Curse; Save Brett

Let's get this straight, curses are real! Ask the Chicago Cubs, Hurley from Lost, Kenny from South Park, Dorian Grey, and the list of athletes from the covers of Sports Illustrated and John Madden Football. There is a new addition to the list this year and for all my recollection I have never seen a curse use such a heavy hand with it's cursed victim. Brett Favre is the newest and potentially most devastating addition to the list. He graces the cover of Madden Football this year and the poo has hit the fan. Since 2000 every athlete on the cover has been jinxed. Here is a brief history, 2000 Dorsey Levens never the same after the cover, 2001 Eddie George fell off the planet, Dante Culpepper blew out his knee lost best receiver, Marshall Faulk analyst for the NFL network never played a full season again, 2004 Micheal Vick in prison! 2005 perennial tough guy Ray Lewis worst season on record, 2006 Donovan McNabb hasn't played 16 since, 2007 Shaun Alexander cannot find a team to play for which brings us up to speed with Brett Favre.

Never have I seen the curse resort to such drastic measures as it has with Brett. The curse knowing who it was dealing with knew that it could not injure the great Favre so it stooped to a new all time low. The curse is strange and powerful and it started it's attack early. It took a hold of General Manager Ted Thompson knowing what was going to happen, knowing Brett would be the cover boy, knowing that it could not defeat him on it's own, the curse looked for a concubine to deliver it's message. The curse seeped it's way into the Packer organization as soon as the season was over already foreseeing the future. For some unexplainable reason the Packers turned on Favre or is it unexplainable? The curse infiltrated the minds of the organization and even temporarily the mind of the great Favre. "I can still play" he stated at his retirement, then why retire? Because he was not in control... the curse was. Why not beg for Brett to come back? Because of the curse, it had taken over GM Ted Thompson's mind as well as Head Coach Mike McCarthy. And now it has moved into the heads of the Packer nation.

This curse has made people turn on Favre, it has made him untradeable, and the Packers won't even let him compete for the job, his job. Strange I would say. How is this happening? The devastating effects of the Madden curse seem to be unstoppable but I do have a solution. They must bury the cover right now before it is two late. The only way to survive the turmoil is to destroy the artifact carrying it. Someone must get a hold of Madden 09 with Favre on the cover and then bury it in hollowed ground before it is two late. We do not have much time, and Brett's is running out. The curse is going to keep him retired or humiliate him by holding a clip board and we must stop it. Contact EA and ask them, no force them to give you and early copy and then bury it as soon as you can... for Brett, for Football, for the world.

I see what is happening and we must rise up. I have seen a future after buried Madden 09 and it is green and gold. I see Ted Thompson going to the podium the day after and saying "I don't know what just happened but we are bringing Brett back as our starter because he gives us the best chance to win." And I will say "fo sho" and the curse will be lifted.

Friday, July 11, 2008

UPDATE - My Letter Of Intent

I guess I am going to be a Bruin and sport a #1. Hooray Football, Hooray Bruins!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Can Smell It In The Air.

Football, Football, Football, you fickle bitch, with me six months and then you leave me with only anticipation and emptiness for six months, only to swoop back into my life like you never left. For the six months you are not around I hear rumors, read articles about you but never really see you. Scorned I pretend not to care about what I hear, but we no that's not true. You know the truth, I am listening, watching, waiting for your inevitable arrival, occasionally watching an old video and walking down memory lane. But I can smell it in the air roasting in the summer heat my meal almost ready.

Today in preparation for the return of the kin. I shall go shopping for new attire. My life and college career begin again in a few days just like every July. The release of EASPORTS NCAA FOOTBALL 09 is upon me and many questions that must be answered still swirl in the wind. What college will I attend, what number will I wear, what system shall I play on, who will I play with, I could go on forever. Today though I will tackle which college I will use for this years game.

This year I am taking a more subdued approach to my preseason in a hope to keep the college spirits high and intense through my month long college career. Then I jump to the pros with MADDEN football in August. Normally I would take my time with my college season but the rumors around the mill have been that this years edition of MADDEN is going to kick major assagge. So with that in Mind, I did not order my Michigan Home, Away, and Special occasion jerseys that I would normally wear when I played... because that is what you do when you play football wear a jersey. I wanted to but this year with the economy and my shortened season I pondered a different approach. I am going to Champs sports today and whatever college football jersey they have in a home and away I am getting. And whatever number is on that jersey is going to be my number. Normally I would search the earth looking for a 16, butt effit. I have seen that number enough, it is time for new pattern or at least a slightly deviated one.

To say that I am excited about the release of NCAA FOOTBALL 09 is an understatement. I have been waiting for this moment since the end of the Pro Bowl. My life focused on a singular event from that moment and it is soon upon us. It looks like I will be a local team this year but it will look great on my Bio. The days are getting closer and I can smell what EA is cooking. My review will come soon after the game is released. On what system I do not know yet. I am very torn.

PS3 or XBOX 360 I can't make up my mind. I truly feel it will be a game time decision. There are pros and cons for both. For the PS3 I really like the controller for football games. Call it what you want but I am very used to the PS controller for football. Plus my friend Ronnie and on again off again rival will be playing Madden on the PS3 which would mean I would have to play college on the PS3 so that I could transfer my college player into Madden and continue my career through that game. On the other hand I love Achievements and the 360 will have them. If you are not familiar with achievements they are extra awards inside the game for doing something special like 5 touchdowns in a game or beat an opponent by 28, etc. Most of my friends are on Xbox Live but the one I would play the most with is on the Playstation network. Decisions decisions, what to do, at this moment I am leaning PS3 but it changes daily. We will see, but regardless of what system I purchase it on football season is here, and I am happy.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pam Anderson Can Eat My Meat!

Golly it sure does seem like most of my posts are getting a bit sad and mean spirited lately, so why buck the trend. Pam Anderson and her animal humping pals at P.E.T.A. occasionally cause a blip on my radar but usually not enough for me to feel the necessity to launch a strike. Well you ask, what today? What did it today, what was it that finally pushed me over the edge? Let me set up the scenario so that everyone can fully understand where I am coming from if any place at all.

I have two dogs and they are awesome. I love them with everything I have, so much so that I will get in arguments with people if I don't think they a being treated right, or somebody is to good for their smells. I have had pets my whole life and find them to be one of the worlds truly great gifts. I do not own fur, kick puppies, club dolphins, fight chickens or wrestle bears. All that being said I do not condone or appreciate fanatical views on any level. Be it religion, ufology, sports, medicine you name it if there is an extreme view it's more than not misguided and too informed. Too informed you say how is that possible. You ever meet that guy that just start rattling of statistics and references that you will never be able to substantiated and the shit sounds so good you forgot your points due to the mass overload of generic jeopardy information the for mention person begins to spew at you and none of it makes sense and some of it does. I could give you statistics and information on both sides of an argument for anything and make it sound plausible. It all depends on the messenger. That is too informed and PETA is to informed for its own good.

PETA is a fanatical organization that is as publicity hungry as Pam Anderson. They have entered my sports world on several occasions most recently in the case of the last big horse race that happened. Exactly I don't even care about horse racing or Jessica Simpson for that matter (I will get to that soon enough). I eat meat, I know it's bad but what you gonna do. People do stupid shit it happens every second of every day that this planet has circled the Sun since they have been on it. The only thing I heard about prior to the Belmont Stakes or Preakness or Derby or whatever was some lady talking about how shitty the horses are treated. I get it being an athlete is hard work that's why they make the big bucks. OK the horse did not choose to be an athlete but if he could wouldn't he? I would the life of a race horse is not that bad. I run a little some lady gives me a sponge bath, I get some fabulous carrots and people bring me that hottest horses from around the globe so I can stud them. Hell yeah! I think the lady from PETA is a hater pure and simple. Seriously PETA I hope you recycle, don't use plastic, don't eat meat or wear leather drive a hybrid and power your homes with solar power, yeah right. PETA take care of the planet you live on. If you had a group of fanatical uptight asstards watching your every move I bet you guys do a lot of despicable things yourselves.

I love animals but what about people and this planet. Trust me when were gone the animals will be in full control they are just biding their time waiting for us to slip up and we are. PETA you should start worrying about the homeless people in Santa Monica and the Hungry people in our Ghettos. Please get on the ball. I watch people get away with murder and see Vick do time for dogs. I do not condone dog fighting I think it is gross and barbaric but it is what it is. It's not like Vick had a bunch of Chinese immigrants fighting to the death in a steel cage of course it isn't because those guys get no jail time. Where are you now PETA more concerned with the animals than your fellow man. Pathetic.

Finally to my headline. It really steams me when I have to defend something or in this case someone who I normally wouldn't because a bigger jerk is effing with them. Case in point Jessica Simpson Vs Pam Anderson. The jist is Jessica wore some shirt that said I like Meat or Real women eat meat or I like hot sausage I don't know nor do I care, wear whatever. Headlights Anderson then called her a moron and a whore it's not the first I have problem with but the latter that may stroke me the wrong way. If that is not the pot calling the kettle black I do not know what is. What happens when a real whore Pam Anderson calls a fake whore a whore, I believe a rip in the time space continuum is what happens next. At what point did PETA say to themselves you know who would be great to represent us Oprah? No no, how about Angelina? No no, I got it Pam Anderson. Give that group a cookie because they just made a great decision. Unless I am peddling horrible boob jobs or how to make your own sex tape and then leak it video Pam is not my spokeswomen. How can you hold an organization accountable with crazy nuts as their clean up hitter. Look Pam Anderson by definition is well kinda a whore, and don't get me wrong she has totally owned it but I will never take her seriously or anything she has to say as she rolls her Escalade right over homeless people. You're old Pam and not nearly as hot as Jess anymore so hang it up and shut up. Stop looking to start feuds so people can see you on TMZ or read about it on Perez. Pam if you need some help you can eat my meat!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Favre-ITE!

I am glad to see some nice news potentially around the bend. One of my all time favorite athletes may be un-retiring. Number 4 might be back this year with the Green Bay Packers and that would make me very happy. There is no way that he should have retired after last season and there is no way that I thought that it was true. How do you leave after a pro bowl season and a win away from the Superbowl. He has Elway written all over him (Elway was a win away from a Superbowl towards the twilight of his career came back the next year and won two in a row). All I am saying is that the Packers are GOOD with Favre and Shady McNasty with the incumbent Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers may be good but I will take Favre 8 days a week thank you very much.

Favre everyone wants to see you play again and I mean everyone. Listen to the people Brett come back. You are on the cover of Madden and if you win one more Super Bowl I will call you the best EVER! That's right, I will call you the best ever. To sweeten the deal a tad I will also draft you in every one of my fantasy leagues and that's a guarantee you can take to the bank. Please come back and make my football season complete.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

End of the World as We know it?


It's July 1st and all things that could be wrong are so. I don't know where to begin so let's start wherever and I will work my through it enjoy the ride. My Grandmother who was pretty much my mother is dying and it's not pretty. Her system is failing and shutting down all this would almost be tolerable if she was not showing signs of dementia. At this point I have heard her several times go off the deep end and as far as I have heard it is getting progressively worse. She always had her mind, she was always engaging and quick witted surprisingly aware and now that is leaving like her bodily health. I am scared of how I will feel when she dies because as the time gets closer I feel myself getting sadder. On top of that my Father is taking it the worst, which in turn is affecting me as well. Our businesses together are doing sub par and are depleting our family funds to almost nothing. So the death of my Grandma is not going to help my fathers effectiveness in helping me to achieve our goals in this venture. I can see his fear as well and it becomes a window to a future I am running towards and doing nothing to prevent. Which puts me in great fear of what will become of me.

My dog Bebop, both his knees and his hips need to be operated on and it breaks my heart every time I watch him. It makes me so sad. My wife is bored and needs something to get her going and I am not sure what that is. Maybe a house, but that is money and where is it coming from. I am payed well now but what does the future hold, in all estimations it is not looking like more of the same it looks worse. I am having trouble keeping my head up and I feel like everyone is looking to me to save this sinking ship. I don't know what to do. It seems I want to sleep and listen to the incessant chatter that echoes through my mind. I know the path I am on leads to nowhere yet I cannot alter my course.

My dreams are dying, my confidence at times dwindling, what will become of me. I have been beaten down and am finding it harder and harder to get up off the mat. I can feel the pressure and do everything I can to keep it under control but it is a harder and harder task to achieve each day. I have given up on the inside and cannot forgive myself for it. I am at a loss and do not know what do. All is sad around me and I cannot make it better because all is sad inside me(wow that was dramatic).

I know what to do but just don't do it. I have only a coupe of shots left, and my strength at this particular moment is weakening on an almost hourly basis. People are looking to me for answers and I have none. I don't know how to make my father feel better, I do not know how to make more money, and at this time I don't know how to make anybody happy including myself.

I can tell my wife is in the same place, but I try not to show I am right there with her, a faux attempt to look strong when I am not. I mirror her feelings but to not look like a loser I hide them inside. Maybe I am a loser and to say my fears out loud would only confirm these thoughts. Where am I going, how will I get there. I have read to many philosophy books, watched to many documentaries I have the information.

Why is life not easy, it seems like it should be. At this point it seems all that is left is tragedy and old age. I need some help, I need energy to fight but every one is tapped out. I must rise above the ashes but the heat is hot and my wings burned and sweaty. And even if all the things were right for me what of the state of the world. It seems to mimic my being, deflated, lost and at times hopeless.

I am sure this is just a phase but if something is not done it will be what it be. I feel like crying, for everything in a hope to feel better, but it won't let me. On the verge is where it is keeping me, teetering between reality and breakdown, a shadow. What is my story? Is it over or just the beginning of the end or... Just the beginning.