Sunday, June 15, 2008

NBA2K8 What a Season

It has been a long but rewarding season and one I shall not soon forget.  I trained hard and fought hard, went through some early season bumps against my persistent competitor but all and all another season of dominance for Evil Mr Peppers.  It is always surprising how far basketball has come as a game and franchise for the home gaming industry. Sports gaming on a competition level has always been a football thing for me and my friends, but the 2k series of hoops has closed the gap considerably over the last four or five years.
As I used Chris Paul last night(33 points 22 assists 5 steals and 3 boards) against my proverbial punching bag Mr. Lane, I gained full appreciation of the game on what potentially could be the last game of our season. You see we play basketball against each other from opening night to the last game of the finals. As the NBA season goes I go. When they stop, I stop so needless to say I was leaving it all on the court last night. Jamie put up a good fight like always but as usual, not enough to stop the P-train for steam rolling him yet again. I know he is looking forward to college football season and so am I. There is a glimmer of a chance that are season will be extended this evening if my Lakers can hang on tonight, I mean when my Lakers hang on tonight.
Realistically though the season is done since I will not be meeting up with my chief rival before next Saturday.
Back to the game at hand, after a another full season of 2k hoops it is my personal impression that they have again solidified themselves as the premiere basketball game on the market. It is an impressive game visually always blurring the line of real and digital scenarios.  The game play is consistently tight with only a few animation bugs but no game is perfect. If I had suggestions more stats for head to had competition, more tournament options for home play against friends, and a more in depth halftime and postgame show. I really enjoyed the lead pass from two years ago I always questioned that move, they should bring it back. Also crowd interaction at some arenas in the game off the chain other arenas pretty lame.  That beings said a great game and am looking forward to next seasons 2k offering even if KG is gracing the cover.

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