Saturday, June 14, 2008


This is going to go under "judging a book by it's cover and the first four pages" type of review.  I just put in Metal Gear Solid 4 for the PS3 and let's just say I am fairly blown away.  I have not played this game for more than 25 minutes but everything up to that point has been masterful.  The only thought in my head is Kojima... Hideo Kojima that is.  When I was a kid I dreamed of games that would one day rival movies, in there character complexity, creativity and cinematography.  Kojima has bridged the gap with MGS4 his producing and directing skills are unmatched in his median.  As much as Grand Theft Auto 4 is an achievement Metal Gear is something different.

The opening screen is of Snake the hero standing alone in a grave yard.  First off the music is dark and seductive with a twist of sadness which immediately evokes emotion into the game/story.  The visuals strong and symbolic the skills of a genius director already evident, a master of his craft constructing the mood and tempo of his carefully manipulated epic he prepares to drop you into.  The camera Fincheresque pans from the back and swoops low across the graves to center in on the old soldier in his suit the pain of accelerated years worn on his face.  He pulls out his gun and loads a single bullet before falling to his knees.  We pan up  and the adventure begins.
The game starts and you are assaulted with dream like visuals from Kojimas imagination. Random commercials with real actors and graphical overlays seep into your vision, almost haunting your sense with surreal imagery and off the wall concepts. Where am I, is what you feel, soon followed by "I am ready for my ticket sir".

After a wild television show that you must see for yourself to do it justice you are thrust into his world.  Somber music underlays our hero's monologue as he speaks about the themes that we are about to experience; control, greed, the lack of respect for life, and the never ending circle of tyranny under the guise of freedom.  The credits fade on and off the screen with the precision of a great film.  The shots beautiful, each moment like a masterpiece of digital artistry and then seamlessly you start your mission.
Hurray Kojima! You are an artist of the new millenia.  And Hooray Metal Gear Solid 4 a game totally worthy of the hype.  I think... at least by the cover and the first few pages.

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