Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Keep it on the L.O. Down.

Great victory for the Lakers last night all though they are making it hard to watch. This series has been dominated by the Celtics. In each of the first three games the Lakers have been unable to break a hundred points -- this is not Laker basketball and if this trend continues they will surely lose the series. Kobe is greatness and every night he is bringing it, his court intelligence unparalleled but he cannot do it alone. Sasha, great last night, not backing down and providing the fire the team needed but again if two huge components do not step up, we(Laker fans) will be relegated to -- at least we got to the finals.
I love Kobester, but I am a Pau - L. O. guy. These guys must be aggressive. Odom you got to take it to the rim hard, repeatedly even if you miss. You got to go hard, with power and purpose, your skill set is to good to be a non factor. It's like the guys forgot how to throw it down -- they must focus and especially L.O.
Now onto Pau, if I have to watch Kendrick Perkins scream and shout one more time, I am going to punch Gasol -- in the face -- with aggression, so he knows what it looks like. Pau, you can abuse these fools, you need to throw them down to the ground and stop acting like a finesse player. Throw those fools down. Garnett scares me too, but it's time to slay the dragon by putting him on his ass. The Lakes can win this series and the will -- but Pau and L.O. got to bring the thunder or it's not going to happen. L.A. is not soft and we have to start acting like it. Go Lakers!

1 comment: Maegan said...

Throw those fools down, Lakers! I wish the Lakers would read this!