Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bored to Blog (Lakers in 7)

This was totally going to be a Lakers blog and about three sentences into it I got really bored, and pressed delete... for a while. I needed to write something and for lack of an inspiring topic, I thought Lakers in 7! That's about what I got Lakers in 7. Now that is some creative poo right there, seriously I should be able to talk about this series all day, but I won't. Instead am going to write about the fact that i don't feel like writing about that. I'm not sure at this point that this topic is much better, but it is filling up more space. Most days i have something that is really burning my crotch ( obviously I should edit that last sentence but for the humor it stays.) and I need to verbally scratch it but not today. I mean, I do have things but just not enough energy. normally I would like to keep to consistent themes for this blog like... who am I kidding there will never be much consistency attached to this writing only a small glimmering hope that I may entertain some laptop jockey enough to make them giggle. Or not. The noises surrounding my cage are interesting today the Bare is grumbling (not a mistake it's my Bare) louder then usual it's his Monday so it's understandable. I am leaving now or soon must escape my boredom.

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