Saturday, June 21, 2008

Anti Monkey Butt Powder?

This is just a little fun thing I saw on TV the other day. When I saw the commercial I thought it was fake, I swear. I kept waiting for some Old Spice can to fall from the sky or a Geico Gecko to come running up but they never did. Even as the spot ended I waited for an SNL promo something to not make me feel like someone had dosed me with a substantial amount of acid... still nothing. I promptly got my lazy ass up and found a post it so I could properly remember this for a later date. All night I walked by the post it and pondered what the hell could Anti Monkey Butt Powder be? I tried over and over again but it made no sense just like that glove and O.J.. I went to sleep that night, the mystery still fresh in my head along with who are the final two members of the Oceanic Six (I know months behind what can I do).

I arose from my slumber with one thing on my mind -- Anti Monkey Butt Powder! The reason for only one thing on my and not two was, In my dreams I found out who were the two remaining of the Oceanic Six. Me and my wife so obviously a less pressing mystery. I ate my breakfast, brushed my teeth, elevated my consciousness and began playing MGS4 but something was whispering in the back of my head. Monkey Butt, Monkey Butt scratch your thoughts Monkey Butt. Disturbing perhaps, bothersome maybe, but ultimately the call to adventure is what I interpreted it as and so to the Bat Cave Robin or the upstairs office whatever came first.

Hello friend Google warp speed and there I was You should take a tour it is bound to make you smile if you are 12 which is the low end of my internal comedic target demographic age, I would say I fall somewhere in between 7 to 21. Kicks to the groin, flatulence, double entendre names, and straight forward names that are humorous are all high on the Pepsters scale. I don't want to give away the ending so really check out the website and if it's right for you please take it as a gift from me to you and get some. Enjoy because nobody wants to walk around with Monkey Butt, not even monkeys.

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