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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Who are We?

This question has been on my mind the last few months.. Who are we? Not, necessarily who are we, but, who am I. The obvious answer, much like an equation, would state that I am the sum of my combined actions. No lies, that is what I am to the world. A grouping of events, actions, reactions, successes, failures and so on, but is that who I am? In my mind I am a very different person, but my actions on which I am judged have created "THIS" person. For most people I suppose life is the dichotomy of duality, balancing who you want to be or who you think you are Vs. who you are.

Who I am scares me. Who I think I am does not, and I guess that is how I get through the day. I shudder at the thought of honestly profiling myself. I hear it in my head but to put it down in words would be earth shattering to my ego. Thinking about my profile, honestly, gives me the willy's. Pot head, sex fiend, escapist and that's not even really thinking about it, that's off the top of my head.

In my mind's eye, I might be delusional but I have a clearer more positive vision of who I am. My residual self image of myself is the person inside, but how is that relevant in the real world. In my mind, I am a healthy, free thinker, that works out everyday. I am confident in my creativity and my innovation and push forth into the fight with theses things in mind. I am a writer, with prolific ideas and stories and work diligently at my craft. I am a leader and well loved, responsible and calm. I am the guy that wants to take the shot, call the play, take the heat for a bad decision and revel in the glory of victory. I am the person people look at and say "what is he doing, maybe we should do that." I am the most interesting man on the planet, I don't normally drink beer but when I do, BL with lime. Apparently, I also think I am hysterical and if your not laughing with me your just to dumb to get it, at least that is what I think.

I am not my mind's eye. Although, I can be I have discovered. It's not easy but it sure sounds like it. The key I believe is a short memory. In sports the great players forget about their mistakes and move on to the next moment. If they miss 10 shots in a row, the don't remember, all they think is that they are going to make the next one. They move on, they release the habit and pattern of defeat and do not let it become ingrained programming. Fear is not an option and they rely on who they think they are, and therefore, they are.

I have been pondering the notion of becoming me, and what the steps would be to become my image of me. I find the simplest answer is usually the solution to most problems. It is the incessant thinking and reevaluation of the question that screws with most people. Who do you want to be? The answer to this question is easy, the solution easier. It's all about your mindset, your discipline, your focus and like any great achiever your ability to drown out the outside world and concentrate on what you know is right, for you, unrelenting, uncompromising determination of what you want and know.

You are who you are, at this moment, right now. If you want to be healthy, be healthy, RIGHT NOW! If you are a writer, than write, RIGHT NOW! If you are a physicist than physic, right now. If you are doing it, in this moment, than that's who you are. Don't let anyone tell you that you are not because that is not who you were yesterday. Change is difficult for everyone, it doesn't help when people who will inevitably not accept this, continue to be in your ear. Drown them out, like a heckler at a sporting event or performance, If you want to be great, part of purging the past is releasing peoples thoughts of you. You must escape from your pigeon hole because it does not exist. Do not allow people to tell you what you have done, if that is not who you are anymore. It's these people that will not allow you to be who you are, they are used to you THIS WAY, and you force them to change if you do not play into their preconception of the old you.

If you want to be a writer, WRITE NOW! If you want to be a senator, START NOW! If you want to be a chumscrubber start scrubbin that chum, RIGHT NOW! Fate is what you make (Terminator) so make it what you want. The future is not set, you do not have to be the sum of your life parts at this moment, you can begin a new equation and add the variables you deem fit.

I am writer, who is healthy, I work out everyday, I work hard at my job and yet remained focused on my career. I am good husband, son, and boss. I know what is right and have confidence in my ideas and positions. Where I am at is not where I will be and nothing anybody can say to me will change that. You are what you are at this moment, if that is what you want to be. I don't care who you were yesterday, if that is not what you believe you are today. Believe in today, this moment, who are you, right now? If you like it, than be it!

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ask God

Dear God,

I was wondering why you created so much disease in the world?

And here are the top twenty answers from the big guy upstairs in no particular order.

20. Wha' Happin'?
19. I left the fridge door open to long, my bad.
18. Have you ever seen an ant under a magnifying glass?
17. I like the different colors.
16. People do not worship me enough, so I thought I would let them know how that totally hurts my feelings.
15. I'm a prick
14. I work in mysterious ways, just do what I say!
13. If you sin, it's my job to judge, I gave you a choice but now you must pay the piper.
12. Wha' Happin'?
11. I like to watch pain and suffering because inside I hurt.
10. I don't know, it's just something I can do, so I do it
9. It's just God being God.
8. I need all those people to staff my new P.F. CHANGS in Heaven
7. I get mad experience points and discounts at Walmart the more people I get sick.
6. I own stock in most of the pharmaceutical companies.
5. I need sacrifice to appease my insatiable appetite to teach people lessons.
4. It's just very Christian of me ya know.
3. I was bored
2. It was Jesus's idea
1. The Devil made me do it

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Are You Dumb, If You Are Not Rich?

This is a statement I hear thrown around way more than it should be. You are dumb, because you are not rich, or on a smaller level, not doing something mind blowing. Maybe I am dumb, but I do not find that to be the case. I find that intelligence is not the driving force behind success, although I am sure, most succesful people would argue this statement. I find it offensive to think that I am stupid because I cannot afford to drive a Ferrari, or I am retarded because I do not have enough money to make it rain.

Many great and intelligent people did not find their way until their later years. I would have loved to listen to the maroon tell a young Einstien he was a fool because he was not rich. The close minded lop, that shared his dissapiontement in Eckhart Tolle, when he was not living up to the ideals of what a rich mind finds genius.

What I have come to observe is that there are several other greater determinates of "Rich Success" than intelligence. They would be ambition, financial back-up, timing, and balls for lack of better term, and not necessarily intelligence. Don't get me wrong, I have met some super smart rich dudes, but I have also met some rich goofs. If being intelligent was a pre-requisite to wealth there would be no rich goofs, but that is far from the case. I would never think of myself as dumb because I don't have money or indite anyone with that charge, it seems to me, (granted a poor dumb ass) that intelligence and wealth are far from needing each other to exist.

Maybe, it's today's society or the crowd I hang with, but I find the theory of intelligence equals financial overflow to be, how do you say, ridiculous. Ambition, seems to be the biggest factor in the success of an individual, how badly a person wants something seems to be the driving force in if they will be a success in what they are focused on. Drive and ambition have nothing to do with intellect or maybe they do and again, I am not smart enough to link them together.

Secondly, financial back-up seems to be another determining factor in how succesful or rich an individual is. Don't take this out of context, there are many success stories like Oprah, President Obama, J.K. Rowling but more than not, the stories start with rich families. Donald Trump, George Stienbrenner, Drew Barrymore, George W. Bush, the list would go on forever of rich people with rich families. Is Paris Hilton a genius because Grandpa was rich, I don't think so, but she is rich, so she must be smarter than me, poppycock! That word is funny.

Timing is everything, many fortunes were made because a person was at the right place at the right time. Some rich dude called one of his friends because some other rich dude told him something was going to happen, (that poor people would never be privy to) so that rich dude makes it happen and then he is more rich or richer, I guess. Sometimes it backfires, Martha Stewart, but more than not it doesn't. The Rich keep the Wealthy safe with insider information. Beyond that, you happen to drill in the ground and out bubbles up some black gold, Texas tea, if you no what I am saying. Some doof had a smart friend and he jumped aboard for the ride at the perfect moment, and boom! Rich. Nice Timing.

Which brings me to my final point, balls, this seems to be a huge determinate if people become rich. If a person is willing to take a chance, risk it all for the money, there is a greater likelyhood of wealth. Again, I do not believe this to be any indication of intelligence but rather an indication of cofidence and chance. Somebody willing to test something on themselves, pull all their money out of the ATM and betting it on black, stealing the secret recipe and creating new Pepsi. Not exactly smart, risky but not bright. And when they do hit the jackpot, does that automatically make them Stephan Hawking, I do not know, but I don't think so.

Those important factors determine wether or not a person is rich and finacially successful much more than raw mind power. I think there are a lot of smart rich people, but I do not think money or wealth will help them conceptualize Quantum Theory, paint a masterpiece, write that amazing opus or find the cure for cancer. I think those are intelligence based endevours and not the quest for money, but again, just a poor dumb guys thoughts, take them with a grain of salt.

Fake It Till You Make It!

March 03, 2009
Pisces (2/19-3/20)
Sometimes, it can be very helpful to live in an illusion -- to keep yourself so distracted by daydreams and fanciful wishes that you don't have to deal with unpleasant thoughts. So if you are having troubling thoughts, it might be okay today to just pretend everything is just fine. Think good thoughts and if there are uncertain situations, just pretend that you know the outcome for certain -- and the outcome is good. Fake it until you make it, because you will make it eventually. Have hope!

Horoscopes are crazy!

Most of the time this is my Mantra for a good day.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hurt Feelings

Gentlemen, I know what you are speaking. I have been told my butt is to big and asked if my hair is a wig. I've got hurt feelings!